HR Services, Descriptions & Rates

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List of Services

  • HR Consulting
  • HR Compliance Audit
  • Employee Handbook Development
  • IIPP Handbook Development
  • Job Description Development
  • Recruitment & Termination
  • Document Compliance
  • Document Templates

Service Description & Rate

HR Consulting

Serve as an internal consultant on administration of policies and procedures. Provide advance, guidance, recommendations

$85 / Hour 

HR Compliance Audit

Review and assess current state of HR Practices and Compliancy with Recordkeeping. Provide recommendations for solutions

$450 / Day

Employee Handbook

Provide a handbook that covers Employment and Labor Laws, Employment Status, Work hours, Workplace Conduct, Compensation, Benefits


IIPP Handbook

Provide handbook that is required by all Employers in California


Job Descriptions

Create written statements for each specific job, duties, responsibilities, supervision, etc

$TBD Based on Needs
Recruitment & Termination

Handle or Assist in all aspects of hiring / firing process. Provide all documentation


Document Compliance

Ensure Employee Files contain necessary documents and in compliance with HIPPA

Document Templates

Provide standard HR related forms and Letter templates

$TBD Based on Needs

Intro To Human Resources

Check-out this 4-min video that covers the history of HR and why it's important!